Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m 26 years old. I was born in Moscow and and I moved to US 2 years ago.
I started working in the wedding industry 6 years ago when I went to my first makeup classes.


During my work, I fell in love working with brides. For 4 years I have prepared beautiful women for one of the most important events of their lives - weddings. I fully understand how stressful the getting ready process can get, so I’ve developed my own expert approach which I will share with you!

My services are now booked a year in advance and I can help you achieve the same goal!

In my hair classes, I will teach you how to build relationships with clients and sign high paying contracts. We will learn how to succeed on social media and attract new clients.

My main goal is to improve the industry together and make our brides happy!

I came in New York almost 2 years ago. I found myself in wedding industry around 6 years ago when I went to my first makeup courses.
Back then no one believed I could make it in New York City.
Today I’m representing the leading wedding boutique team, Pre-Dame beauty in New York.

In a short time, I managed to publish my works in Harper’s Bazaar magazine Ukraine and Vietnam.

I focused on creating effortless and contemporary bridal looks.

Sophie Moiseeva

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